Embarking on the next chapter in your life is such a wonderful time to celebrate.  Bridal showers signify new beginnings and what better way to cherish such a momentous occasion than with a beautiful and elegant affair.  Let Royal Events continue the celebration with all the other events leading up to the big day, such as the traditional Bridesmaid Luncheon, Rehearsal Dinner and post Wedding Brunch! Royal Events will take your breath away with the etiquette & traditional way of presenting a formal bridal shower.


Now is the time to pamper your Best Friend Forever. A spa shower is a great way to do it. A spa pedicure is a wonderful way to relax and make fun memories you won’t forget! Here’s how Royal Events suggests how you pamper the bride-to-be!

 Invitations. Get an approved guest list from the bride-to-be. You don’t want to accidentally invite one of her “frienemies.” Royal Events can provide you with beautiful, fancy or funny invitations.

 Hiring. Call in a hair stylist, nail technician, massage therapist and/or a makeup artist from your favorite salon. Royal Events has a great list of professionals who we work with who we would recommend to make your day fun & relaxing for you & your good friends

 Food. Royal Events can prepare a light spa appetizer, balanced with a little decadence, like a veggie platter & cupcakes. Keep things relaxed and simple by offering a few beverages — wine or sangria, juices, ginger ale and seltzer.

Royal Events suggests serving martinis at a spa party. “To keep the menu ‘lite’ — pun intended — I would display trays of healthy eats to complement the martinis’ zesty flavor,”

 Decorations. Royal Events suggests using the bride’s favorite colors, but remember that you want to create a relaxing atmosphere. So let Royal Events make it easy & sprinkle flower petals on the table, fill glass bowls with water and drop in a few pretty flower heads and floating candles.

 Favors.  Royal Events will make goodie bags filled with lipsticks, cooling eye mask and sample beauty products that will fit the spa theme.