It’s A Celebration Of New Life!


A baptism or christening is a time to welcome a new baby into the family faith. The party that follows the ceremony is a time for celebration-of new life, tradition, and the circle of family and friends. Your baptism party should be appropriately respectful of the event it honors. Here at Royal Events we love to help you arrange your beautiful invites for your guests and we want to help you plan an after baptism party filled with a relaxing day whether its a brunch at a family restaurant, or a nice afternoon in your backyard. We can make the venue look so elegant with┬ácandles, which represent the light of Christ, we will arrange your florists for you to set the day with a nice touch of daffodils & daisy’s. Royal Events can cater to your every need such as a luncheon menu as well as a light desert with coffee or espresso.

1. Coordinate with the church. Contact your priest or minister or the church’s office to schedule the ceremony, and also to learn if your family is requested or required to take a class before having your child baptized. Then find out when on that date the baptism will take place, so you can set the hours of your party accordingly.

2. Contact the godparents. Your baby’s godparents are essential on this day, so you’ll want to make sure they are available to attend both the baptism and the party. You might even wish to consult them on aspects of the party planning, or they may want to help host the gathering. At the party, one godparent, or both, should stand up and give a brief toast in the family’s honor.

3. Choose an appropriate venue. A location close to the church where the ceremony will be held is ideal, though not required. Traditional venues for a baptism party are the family’s home or a local restaurant. Royal Events will help you fit this new life celebration party into your budget. Royal Events has plenty of venues we have experienced with and are coordinated with
t it is also a time to relax with those close to you and enjoy time with your little one. Here at Royal Events we can play an enjoyable party for you, your family and closest friends.

Please feel free to call us today for your free consultation with booking your baptism in an honor of new-life celebration!