Now booking Holiday Parties








The countdown to the holidays is right before you know it.  Starting with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, New Years, Valentines Day, Passover, Easter & many more! Royal Events is here  to get a handle on all of your holiday party planning now is the time to start.  But do not panic yet, because we can put together your holiday party and tips to make your entertaining the best it’s ever been!







Royal Events has a huge warehouse full of props, tables, chairs & covers, smoke machines, balloons & much more! We have a wonderful florists who can arrange any flower arrangement you can imagine to make the party look amazing. Royal Events can provide you with a caterer with food that will leave people wanting to sneak out some left overs.








We also know great entertainment DJ’s & bands who will kick off the night with a bang! Believe me we will get everyone out on the dance floor this holiday! Everyone who books parties with Royal Events is sure to have a fun & memorable time that will keep everyone talking about the party over the next years





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